The Innovation Institute Participates in Biola’s Startup Competition

biolaThe Innovation Institute’s Executive Vice President Larry Stofko, who manages the Innovation Lab in Newport Beach, Calif., where health care ideas are incubated and developed, participated in Biola’s Startup Competition as a speaker and panelist on April 8, 2016.

The Biola Startup Competition, a faith-based entrepreneurial initiative, was launched by the Crowell School of Business to accelerate startups across the breadth of Biola University. Aided by experienced executives and business leaders, the competition gives students the chance to a pitch concept, develop a business plan, gain valuable real-world insights and compete for capital.

Winners received cash awards and a startup package to encourage them in further development of their business venture.

Competition sponsors include The Briner Institute, of which Stofko is a board member. The Briner Institute, named after Bob Briner who wrote the best selling book “Roaring Lambs,” is a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to improving culture, doing good, and providing a positive influence on society.