The Innovation Institute Advises Government Agencies on Healthcare Innovation

The Innovation Institute Advises Government Agencies on Healthcare Innovation

aboutus_clip_image002Washington, DC — June 3, 2013 – On June 3, 2013, Joe Randolph, CEO of the Innovation Institute participated in the Knowledge Acquisition Workshop on Innovation in Washington, DC, and spoke about the important role innovation will play in the future of health care.

Randolph addressed how The Innovation Institute is promoting innovation in the healthcare industry through the creation of the Innovation Lab and a collaborative environment where doctors from multiple health systems can pool their knowledge in order to create new and effective ways to bring about positive change and progress in our nation’s healthcare industry. He participated with speakers from other agencies including NASA, the White House, the US Navy, FEMA and others.

 According to event sponsor Joint Project Manager Guardian, the intent of the session was to help agencies understand the different forms innovation takes, how to define the goals for these programs, and how they are monitoring the results by learning through the experience of others.

 About The Innovation Institute

The Innovation Institute is an independent, for-profit LLC structured to cultivate innovative solutions to transform healthcare delivery. The Innovation Institute will be owned by seven non-profit health systems.  This collaborative will tap into physicians, employees, and industry business partners to incubate and commercialize new products and ideas. Comprised of three distinct elements – an innovation lab, an investment fund, and a shared services group (Enterprise Development Group), the Institute strives to “do more, with less, for more people.” For more information, visit