TechNation | Tech Knowledge: Suspending Disbelief in HTM: Looking Beyond a Traditional Point of View

By George Hampton | “Articulate, intelligent individuals can skillfully construct a convincing case to argue almost any point of view. This critical, reactive use of intelligence narrows our vision. In contrast, projective thinking is expansive, ‘open-ended’ and speculative, requiring the thinker to create the context, concepts, and the objectives” – Linda Stone. Feb 6, 2011.

I couldn’t agree with Linda Stone more on this matter. I would only add that in the clinical technology world we apply a lot of historical perspective to dig into our philosophical foxholes. We often make the mistake of failing to carefully observe the new trends and reuirements in our industry and step towards necessary changes to address these objectives. While our hard-earned lessons can be a great platform for continual success, they can also be a millstone around our neck if we don’t know how to let go when necessary.

I’m sure all of us in healthcare technology leadership positions want to be ready for all the changes headed our way, but I would be a liar if I didn’t admit that I have seen many of us looking backwards more than forward. When I struggle to leave my traditional point of view, I often find myself analyzing the potential pitfalls of such a move by looking back on what worked for me in the past. More…