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Let’s impact people’s lives through your innovation.

We have a lot in common and share a common purpose. Like you, we are motivated by the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in healthcare and positively impact people’s lives through innovation. Right now and in the future. And everything we do is a collaboration.

Do you have an idea but lack the right infrastructure to develop it and create impact? We can help. Innovation Lab partners with healthcare innovators such as yourself to develop innovative solutions to significant unmet needs in healthcare. We have brought 21 products to the market and still counting.

We specialize in medical devices and health technology solutions but are open to submissions in any area of healthcare. Ideas at all stages of development are welcome.

The first step towards working with us is to submit your idea for review. There is no cost to share your idea. For ideas that move forward successfully through our rigorous review process, Innovation Lab takes ownership of and manages the entire process to advance your idea to market, from evaluation to intellectual property protection to commercialization. Once market realization is achieved, together you and Innovation Lab will share the proceeds—and the accolades are all yours.


Please use our submission form to share with us a short, non-confidential description of your idea, including its application to healthcare. We ask that you conduct a quick internet search of products on the market before submitting to ensure that your concept is not already in development or on the market. Please note that this form must be completely filled out for the Innovation Lab to move forward with your submission.

If your idea passes our initial review, you might be invited to provide more detailed information to our team. If you have multiple ideas, you need to fill out a different submission form for each one.

It's important to note that your initial submission is not confidential. The Innovation Lab is unable to guarantee secrecy or confidentiality. Submitting your idea doesn't obligate the Innovation Lab to use it or create an agreement. We review your submission on a non-confidential, gratuitous and non-committal basis.

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