inHealth Strategies

inHealth Strategies logoinHealth is a leader in the emerging value-based health care industry, offering evaluation and planning for population health solutions, customized wellness services, and innovative care models. We are data driven by utilizing multiple data sources — from claims data to health-risk assessments and on-site biometric screenings — we assess health needs at the community level, to help you understand the current drivers that will impact future chronic illness in your population. We are population focused. Our global approach to analytics and evaluation allows us to affect population-wide outcomes to maximize health impact and cost savings.

We are client forward. Working with your leadership, we develop approaches tailored to your strategic needs and populations to identify high-risk areas, assesses employer readiness and incorporate your unique culture.

Core Business

  • Developing partnerships with employers, providers and communities to:
    • Improve the value of health care delivery.
    • Effectively manage the health of designated populations.
    • Build healthier communities.

Products & Services

  • Personalized consulting services that meet the unique strategies of partners to enrich the health of selected populations.
  • Customized wellness program development, implementation, infrastructure and support.
  • Community-level health needs assessments and implementation strategies.

Value Proposition

  • Leverage existing foundational assets and incorporate innovative approaches to population health.
  • Reduce health care costs, improve quality of care and outcome measures, enhance engagement.

Key Factors

  • A population health approach to well-being, strongly rooted in analytics.
  • Proven track record of improving health outcomes while reducing costs of providing care.
  • We strive to be a leading influence in how communities improve their health profiles.