FutureSense logoFutureSense specializes in people, organization, culture and strategy, and offers integrated solutions to build and sustain human capital capacity and optimize organizational performance.  We pride ourselves on being thoughtful, responsive, and authentic, and serve as agents to create positive change.  Our Core Services include Development, Rewards, and Effectiveness.

Development:  Team FutureSense is about helping your organization get to where it needs to be. Our goal is to guide you in developing a clear vision of where you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there.  Whether it is through facilitating strategic planning, helping you implement your objectives or vision, coaching 1:1 or with teams, or assisting you in creating a training and development program to grow your people, we’re here for you, all along the way.

Rewards:  Compensation is about building integrated, holistic programs of reward and motivation that support your unique culture, that “melt the butter” of your people, and that are pragmatic in terms of your financial constraints and results. Our talent is simplifying complex and sticky compensation issues by designing programs that make business sense, aligning all stakeholders, then articulating that plan so people truly understand it and perform to or above expectations.

Effectiveness:  Whether it is big or small change, employee motivation and engagement, or upward, downwards or sideways communication, our approach is to work with you to identify the unique challenges your organization is facing as you adjust to the ever changing horizon. We seek to inform our work with strategies that maximize the productivity and happiness of your people. We work with you to become efficient and effective in all you do.

FutureSense serves diverse markets including healthcare, senior care, physician groups, high technology, public sector, consumer products, retail, manufacturing, and professional service organizations.

For more information, visit www.futuresense.com.

People Strategy & Organization Solutions

Joint Venture November 2015 (founded 1995)

369-B Third Street #181,
San Rafael, CA 94901




Core Business

  • Specialize in people strategies and organization solutions that drive positive workforce engagement, unlock the power of purpose, provide support for the development and transformation of culture, and support overall organizational performance.
  • Help organizations reach their potential by embracing, facilitating and sustaining change.
  • Coordinate with other FutureSense partners, including Summit Talent Group, to provide talent creation, acquisition, management and development services.

Products & Services

  • Development: Strategic Planning, Leadership and Organization Development, Coaching, Culture Assessment, Talent Management, Succession Planning.
  • Rewards: Compensation and Benefits Administration, Program Design for Executives, Employees and Sales Compensation, Performance Management, Assessment.
  • Effectiveness: Organizational Purpose, Employee Engagement, Change Readiness, Change Management, Communications, Facilitation, Rapid Solution Experiences.

Value Proposition

  • We have proven ability to serve multiple industry markets including healthcare, senior care, physician groups, high technology, public sector, consumer products, retail, manufacturing, and professional service organizations.
  • We value in our team and our clients: integrity, relationships, transformation, sustainability, solutions, and speed.
  • We provide thought leadership in the field of people strategy through various media outlets including the Huffington Post, books, and speaking venues.

Key Factors

  • Each client is different and requires a unique blend of consulting skills to address the intersection of organizational environment, culture, development, and rewards.
  • We staff our team with diverse talent who can interact with our clients at the strategic, tactical and transactional levels to produce desired outcomes.
  • Other consulting firms silo their organizational development and compensation practices. We recognize the value in the balance and cohesion of providing a more holistic approach to our services.