American Medical Imaging

Healthcare Coding and Consulting Services logoAmerican Medical Imaging (AMI) brings expertise, experience and innovation together into one powerful partner. Our customized solutions in medical imaging technology extend across all life-cycle management services from capital equipment planning, equipment sales and IT solutions, to maintenance and repair, to installation, removal and disposal.

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Imaging Technology Sales & Service

Acquired January 2021

1 Centerpointe Drive, Suite 200,
La Palma, CA 90623



Core Business

  • Delivering creating programs in medical imaging technology to include equipment sales, service, removal, installation and redeployment.
  • Providing economical medical imaging technology solutions across all imaging modalities, including new and pre-owned imaging equipment, along with PACS and other IT programs.
  • Assisting the client with independent, objective consulting and recommendations related to the acquisition of medical imaging technology.

Products & Services

  • Medical imaging equipment sales and service across the entire spectrum of imaging products and modalities.
  • Comprehensive PACS solution from industry leading companies, including installation, operator training, maintenance, support and PACS hosting.
  • Sales and service strategies designed to identify and optimize our clients' medical imaging technology investments from a complete life-cycle management standpoint.

Value Proposition

  • Combining local presence, proven regional expertise and a spirit of innovation into a single, national platform.  Customized client programs in imaging technology extend across all key services - from equipment sales/financing, maintenance, installation / removal and IT solutions.
  • Empower our clients to make the best decision on their specific imaging technology needs and improve their competitive position in their markets.
  • Drive clinical staff satisfaction and retention; optimize patient outcomes through improved utilization & reliability of medical imaging equipment.

Key Factors

  • Long rich history in the sale and service of medical imaging equipment.
  • National presence in key healthcare markets across the U.S.
  • Total solution for all medical imaging technology needs.
  • Flexible, innovative programs to drive cost savings, improve equipment reliability and quality of patient care, and assist clients in remaining on the leading edge of technology.