Physician, Inventor, Innovator, Collaborator and Business Partner

bartlett_randolph_interviewConnie Bartlett, DO, is a pediatrician at St. Joseph Hospital and president of Heritage Medical Group, both in Orange, California. She has taken the time to observe what could be improved upon and she has taken action by submitting an invention idea to The Innovation Institute’s Innovation Lab in Newport Beach, California.

She says that St. Joseph Health’s partnership with The Institute is an exciting opportunity. “For the first time, we have a forum to discuss our ideas and resources that can support and nurture our ideas to fruition,” said Bartlett. “This is also the first time that physicians are regarded not as just a healer; we are now recognized as inventors, innovators, collaborators, and business partners,” she added.

As a pediatrician, Dr. Bartlett says she felt she had something to contribute that could make a difference for children. Therefore, she took the first step to hopefully transform the way we care for and treat pediatric patients, which will result in improvement in productivity, accuracy, and satisfaction.

We are pleased to provide physicians with a place where they can grow their ideas and ultimately take them to market. Dr. Bartlett is one of our early adopters and she is excited about sharing her observations and ideas for the improvement of health care. She said, “As you can imagine, this is going to change health care as we know it. With this partnership and collaboration now going forward, we can actually do more, with less for more people. And I think that’s a great thing!”

St. Joseph Health and Bon Secours Health System are current member owners of The Innovation Institute, an organization focused on transforming healthcare through the development of innovative new products, services, and idea. The most promising ideas from these and other health systems that come on board are developed and taken to market, returning generous proceeds to the innovator and the health system.