Petra Integrated Construction Strategies Selected By Westwind Realty to Facilitate Build of Hospital in Lubbock, Texas





La Palma, CA — Petra Integrated Construction Strategies (Petra ICS), a subsidiary of The Innovation Institute, has been selected by Westwind Realty to serve as advisors and owner representatives for the development of a new hospital that will replace the current Grace Medical Center in Lubbock, Texas.

Westwind — formed as a result of the acquisition of Grace Health System by Covenant Health this year — will develop, build and own the facility.  Naomi Shine, who was involved with the inception of the company and serves as president of Westwind Realty noted, “We are familiar with the outstanding expertise and service of Petra in the Texas market and chose them to assist in the project because of their knowledge of the local marketplace.”

Petra ICS is a planning and project management firm with its headquarters in La Palma. Petra ICS provides services to health care systems across the United States.  Jerry McPhail is the regional director for Petra in Texas and the Southwest and will lead this assignment.  According to McPhail, “This project will bring a great new facility to Lubbock and improve the access to care for the entire Lubbock community.  We are excited that we have been chosen to be a part of this important development.”

About Petra Integrated Construction Strategies
Petra-ICS is a multi-disciplinary consulting firm that provides facility planning, capital planning, project development, and project management services to health care organizations.  Petra has a deep understanding of the unique needs of medical facilities, as well as the challenges facing health care organizations today. Petra’s work is dedicated to positioning hospitals and health systems for long term sustainability, with an approach that is predicated on understanding and balancing the key drivers that inform facility planning.  For more information, visit

About The Innovation Institute
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