Medical Product Outsourcing | Investing in What You Know

A crowdsourcing investment firm pulls back the curtain to reveal the workings of the organization and the alternate route to raising capital it offers.

By Thomas Vogelsong, Ph.D., RedCrow Thought Leader | The smartest person in the CROWD is the CROWD, and the crowd’s greatest strength is the CROWD itself. The team at RedCrow is a collection of former financial advisors, wealth managers, healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, and investors. We are ourselves experts who value the expertise of others. We recognize the power of collective knowledge and experience, and we have designed RedCrow to harness that power for the benefit of all investors.

We formed a healthcare-themed investment community comprised of new and experienced investors, successful entrepreneurs, and industry experts who collectively review, select, and monitor early stage investments within a narrowly defined investment segment.

We chose the medical field not only because it is the third largest economy in the world and is long overdue for an overhaul, but we felt that progressing healthcare inherently makes a social impact. Further, we found that we have a unique space where physicians and hospital administrators can serve as expert partners and informed investors based on their inherent knowledge of the problems. They know best which solutions to invest in to benefit patients in need while reducing the cost of care. Thus our tagline (and headline): “Invest in what you know.”

Companies submitted to RedCrow through the Discover Supernovas process are offered for preview in Discovery while undergoing screening and review by the RedCrow Investment Committee. The Discover Supernovas platform allows emerging companies to gain immediate exposure and offers the RedCrow CROWD a chance to weigh-in regarding the investment selection process. Companies move from Discover Supernovas to the investment platform based on the outcome of the full due diligence process. Startups on our platform include companies specializing in orthopedic devices, AI, and augmented reality, as well as other areas of medtech and biotech.

In the identification and selection of an industry advisor, we seek individuals with depth of knowledge and breadth of experience within their professions. Our industry advisors have principal involvement in numerous industry specific projects, companies, and/or research. The collective knowledge and expertise of our advisors allows us to better assess a company’s potential for success and/or specific potential hurdles to success. Occasionally, our industry experts may offer assistance to companies during their developmental process; but at the very least, they provide our Investment Committee added confidence in the science, systems, and claims presented.

Strategic Partnership
Each of our carefully selected Strategic Sourcing Partners has a credible reputation, and a proven track record for successful deal selection.

We have partnered with The Innovation Institute, a national healthcare incubator focused on transforming healthcare through the development of innovative new products, services, and ideas, while making a difference in people’s lives. The strategic purpose of The Innovation Institute is to focus on innovation and growth. This goal is accomplished through the commercialization of ideas and new products. The Innovation Institute is owned today by non-profit health systems that are the “Member Owners.”

The Innovation Institute promotes companies for RedCrow consideration to give these startups exposure to crowdsourcing a direct investment opportunity with access to RedCrow’s professional pool of investors.

RedCrow provides The Innovation Institute’s 250,000 affiliated healthcare professionals the opportunity to join RedCrow’s social discussion, share ongoing campaigns, and discuss investment opportunities with other professionals in the field. Exercising a high level of due diligence, RedCrow allows the public to invest alongside prominent industry experts who serve as RedCrow advisors and strategic investment partners.

Status and Plans
RedCrow has introduced an innovative new model, enabling medical professionals and others with an interest in healthcare innovation to invest in promising healthcare startups. By evaluating the potential of these companies, providing advice, feedback, and early stage investment, they help the startups launch new products and services to patients and healthcare providers. This direct investment model benefits the companies, the investors, and society. More…