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Petra ICS Shares Expertise in Medical Flooring 

By Dawn Fredrick-Seibert | The intended use of a healthcare space defines the type of flooring selected, and many factors must be considered. Attention to factors that make sustainable environments conducive to safety, cleanliness, wellness and healing have created the best results. These factors include the selection of everything from ceiling to flooring that can contribute to the healing process.

Places that respect the body, mind and spirit of both occupants and visitors are in demand. These days, products are specified for patient rooms that are more homelike and less institutional, and research suggests this design approach helps speed the healing process and reduces a patient’s stress during their stay. Flooring can actually help reduce stress, anxiety, noise and a feeling of confinement. Therefore, the textures and colors that replenish the human mind and spirit and provide a calming influence for patients and family members  are selected. Healthcare staff welfare is also a top concern. Underfoot comfort, slip-resistance and easy-maintenance flooring are all equally important. More… (pages 32 & 33)