Koazie and Helen’s Plan Collaborate to Offer Comfort and Peace of Mind to Seniors and Their Families

Newport Beach, California — Transition of Care Management platform provider Koazie announced its partnership with Helen’s Plan, a complementary tool for advanced directive planning, today as part of Koazie’s vision to provide a comprehensive set of resources for senior care. “Through this new partnership, seniors and their families will not only be able to learn about and locate post-acute care services, they will also have access to Helen’s Plan, which allows seniors and their families to organize, prioritize, and make their essential information accessible only to the right people,” said Ganesh Laxminarayan, Innovation Lab Executive Director, Health IT/CTO who oversees the development and commercialization of Koazie.

Koazie’s mission is to drive change in the industry by revolutionizing the continuum of care by cultivating a delivery ecosystem of products and services that meet the needs of patients, families, health systems and post-acute care providers.  “Dealing with the loss of a loved one is unbelievably complicated and costly. Helen’s Plan is a simple to use application and great resource at Koazie for patients and families  to help them get their affairs in order. Adding this application to the Koazie platform furthers our vision to become the single source for patients and families navigating transition of care,” said Laxminarayan.

“New ways of thinking and innovation are still in high demand from a population reliant on technology and one another. Yet, we have yet to tap this technology to help us with planning and accessing some of the most critically important information of our lifetimes,” said Walter Portz, Founder of Helen’s Plan.

Helen’s Plan allows one to organize their loved ones personal data such as insurance, personal information, contacts, important documents and more. Helen’s Plan also provides the next of kin with a prioritized checklist to help walk them through the process in an efficient manner. After the death of a loved one, those with access to the account can simply log in and begin with the checklist. While there are products on the market that allow people to organize some of these data points, Portz says nothing is as all-encompassing as Helen’s Plan.  Portz believes Helen’s Plan will give people a sense of calm during their grief. Gone will be the days of digging through file drawers.

Koazie was born through Michelle Thai, MD’s personal journey in trying to find a facility for her mother suffering from late-stage cancer. She is the co-medical director of rehabilitation at Providence St. Jude’s Centers for Rehabilitation, which offers one of California’s most innovative lists of therapies and services for stroke patients. “The emotional part, the logistical part and the medical part were each a mess. There had to be a better way,” said Thai. Koazie was developed, leveraging her son, Jonathan Thai’s technical skills, to provide a better experience for patients, caregivers and families navigating these needs. Portz developed Helen’s Plan in memory of his mother and the complications that he felt could have been simplified with the use of technology we use every day. “Being a very emotional person, I found it difficult to grieve and get closure when I was back and forth with the bank, the hospital, and the funeral home,” Portz said. “It was all a distraction from grief.”

About Koazie

Launched in 2019, Koazie is a user-friendly Transition of Care Management platform that helps patients find the best post-acute facility that meets their needs, hospitals and post-acute care providers to collaborate and optimize the continuum of care. For more information, please visit www.koazie.com

About Helen’s Plan

Founded in 2020, Helen’s Plan is an intuitive and adaptive tool that untangles estate matters and responsibilities left to our loved ones when we pass. Helen’s Plan is a simple, yet comprehensive online resource designed to help build a clear roadmap with final details and instructions for next of kin to follow. For more information, please visit www.helensplan.com