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Innovation Lab's Subscription Partner Program

Build or Partner?

Healthcare Innovation Is No Longer An Option. It's a Necessity.

Executives across the country believe innovation and growth are a top priority. The question becomes: how does an organization ramp up their innovation efforts?
That’s where we can help.

Innovation Lab simplifies and speeds up the complex process of transforming great ideas into marketed products that directly and positively impact lives. Through our Subscription Partner program, what used to be exclusively offered through an equity investment is now readily available to healthcare organizations across the country.

Why partner with us?

Number of products sold: 57,512. Number of lives improved: 101,784. Current pipeline value estimate: 8-24 million dollars per year. Innovator satisfaction rate: 96.7%. Number of products on market: 21.

Organizations that want to capitalize on internal innovations have two choices. Build or partner?

The slow, painful way: Recruit, hire and train an internal team to launch your innovation team and build industry connections. This often takes years, with staff coming and going and projects often being abandoned along the way.

The smart way: Become a subscription partner of Innovation Lab. You’ll gain instant access to our powerful, proven innovation engine and a mature ecosystem of partners. Based on real cost models, executives find that partnering with the Lab saves 30%, on average, compared to creating an in-house program from scratch.

In-house program with limited staff, technology platform, part-time legal resources, and part-time research resources totals 1.2 million dollars per year. Innovation Lab Partnership provides a network of nationwide experience, acces to multiple technology platforms, teams of legal experts, and a team of researchers and access to databases for 200,000 to 600,000 dollars per year, depending on services selected.

Here's what we do for you

  • Create your organization’s uniquely branded innovation portal where your employees can submit their ideas
  • Provide tools to engage and guide staff in innovation activities and initiatives
  • Furnish a clinical and market intelligence team to assess ideas and provide recommendations on commercial viability and paths to market
  • Assess and develop intellectual property policy and strategies
  • Guide product development, in partnership with industry sponsors and/or nonprofit health systems
  • Get your product to market!

How it works

Step 1: Inspiration; Have a solution to a healthcare challenge? Submit your idea - even if it's just a sketch. Step 2: Evaluation; We analyze the possibilities, assessing the clinical and market need to gauge viability. Step 3: Product Development; Now it's real. After our research, concepting and design process, we move right into prototyping and engineering. Step 4: Commercialization; We develop intellectual property and marketing strategies, then choose the best execution avenue. Step 5: Market; your innovation lands in the hands of people who need it.

How your organization benefits

Innovation Lab lowers costs, adds instant credibility to your program and increases the speed of bringing ideas to market.


  • Revenue divided among your organization, the innovator and the Lab.
  • Lab assistance in covering product development costs.
  • Access to fee-based opportunities, including:
    • Innovation education: an ongoing series of on-demand education models and in-person instruction.
    • Growth and innovation scan: Forecasting opportunities that can push innovation in your system to help you grow in scale and save money.
    • Hackathons and “Shark Tank” events: Hosted events – either virtual or in-person – that inspire innovation.
    • Design thinking events: Guided facilitations and research initiatives aimed at inspiring innovation and generating commercially viable concepts around well-defined, unmet needs.
    • Product development: Turning ideas into tangible products or services that deliver on intent and solve specific problems.
    • Commercialization strategy: Starting with outreach services and extending to contract and license negotiation, with continuing support once a product gets to market.

Interested in becoming an investing partner in Innovation Lab? Membership opportunities are open to U.S. health systems. Learn more.