Innovation Lab to Host Fourth Innovation Centers Summit Workshop

Innovation Lab in Newport Beach, California to Host Fourth Innovation Centers Summit Workshop November 17-18, 2014

Two day interactive event to focus on optimizing innovation centers to lead healthcare transformation

 Newport Beach, Calif. – September 30, 2014 – BluePrint Healthcare IT, The Innovation Institute and the Innovation Lab jointly announced today the Fourth Innovation Centers Summit Workshop to be held at the Innovation Lab in Newport Beach, California, on November 17-18, 2014. Open to provider-based healthcare innovation centers, the workshop’s theme, “Optimizing innovation centers to lead healthcare transformation,” will be tackled over 2 days. The unique and highly interactive forum will feature breakout sessions, BluePrint’s hallmark speed dating sessions and new master workshops.  St. Joseph Health and Bon Secours Health System are members of The Innovation Institute.

Co-chairpersons for the event include Larry Stofko,  executive vice president of The Innovation Institute and Mike Squires, vice president, Innovation and Public Policy of BluePrint Healthcare IT.

According to Squires, this event will build on the work of the first three Summit Workshops, and will continue to focus on innovation center and program operations. “Rather than listening to presentations and ‘talking heads,’ participants will select topics of greatest interest for the breakout and master workshop sessions ahead of time and meet in concentrated dialogues with peers based on matched speed dating selections,” said Squires.

Topics for breakout sessions may include the role of innovation centers in addressing new models of care, metrics to support ROI, tools and processes that support innovation, the role of small and big data in transforming care, as well as commercialization and stakeholder engagement. Possible topics for new master workshops range from accelerators and hackathons to formal innovation frameworks, as well as social media strategy and planning for physical and virtual innovation centers.

Summit participants will also have the opportunity to be among the first to experience the new Innovation Lab facilities set up by The Innovation Institute, opening this fall in Newport Beach, California.

“As innovators in healthcare, we have a responsibility to one another to exchange ideas and share experiences that will benefit patients, care teams, and physicians as well as our organizations and the entire healthcare system,” said Stofko. “With the opening of our new Innovation Lab facility, hosting BluePrint’s Innovation Centers Summit Workshop will be a great opportunity for healthcare innovation centers across North America to collaborate,” added Stofko.

Squires said, “Accelerating the development of a continuous learning healthcare innovation (centers) eco-system is the objective of BluePrint Healthcare IT Innovation Exchange (BIX) Summit Series. BluePrint’s public policy initiative grew out of our focus on innovation as central to healthcare transformation.” He added, “As more innovation centers are seeking to capitalize on employee ideas, commercialize technology, and deliver better healthcare at reduced costs, everyone will benefit from the cross-fertilization of ideas and learnings.”

Forty-three provider-based healthcare innovation centers and initiatives have joined the Summit Workshop series, with 20 to 25 centers at each. The first Summit Workshop was held at Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center in 2012, the second at KP’s Center for Total Health in 2013 and the third in the spring of 2014 at Johns Hopkins Hospital, hosted by Johns Hopkins Center for Bioengineering Innovation & Design. Post-summit feedback showed participants agreed the overall goal of interchange between independent healthcare innovation centers was successful and would recommend similar workshops to colleagues at their organization and others.

Please contact Mike Squires at  or 908.391.6191 or write Pamela Macey  if you have any questions about participating or supporting sponsorship of this event.

Interested innovation center executives and staff can find additional information or register online at

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