Innovation in a Box Helps Heart Failure Patients Live Their Best Lives

Newport Beach, Calif. & Baton Rouge, La. – March 5, 2020 — Today, Innovation Lab, a subsidiary of The Innovation Institute, announced the availability of the Congestive Heart Failure health kit, a take home “health coach” following diagnosis and instruction at the hospital.

According to cardiologist and inventor Kenny Civello, MD at Our Lady of the Lake Heart & Vascular Institute in Baton Rouge, La., the box contains everything heart patients need to manage their disease the best way possible.

The Innovation Lab worked closely with Dr. Civello to bring his idea to life. “When you come in the hospital, you’re sick, it’s a new diagnosis for you, and it’s very overwhelming for you to take in all the information,” said Civello.

Civello explains that the health kit serves as a confidence builder for patients, providing them with the knowledge and tools needed to manage their disease, thus helping to improve outcomes by reducing stress, readmissions, and the progression of heart failure.

The box contains a workbook and charts to track progress, clear and simple instructions on diet, important tips and reminders, and answers to common questions to ultimately help patients live their best lives.

For more information about the Congestive Heart Failure Health Box, contact Michael Weiss, Communication Science or Wendy Ross, Innovation Lab

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