How We Innovate

Finding Solutions

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The Innovation Institute is focused on finding solutions to improve healthcare. Our strategic goal is to advance care delivery, improve patients lives, and extend life through the solutions we bring to market.

Innovation Lab

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The Innovation Lab is an incubator.  We work with inventors to evaluate ideas that solve problems in healthcare and look for ways to commercialize them.  We have a team of  PhD’s, MD’s, and tech transfer staff to work with inventors.



The Innovation Institute is proud to offer a crowdsourced direct investment platform for individuals seeking capital to launch new start-ups in the healthcare space.  RedCrow is based in the San Francisco Bay area. 

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Wing Sling demonstrated

Wing Sling

WingSling easily and securely elevates the hand above the heart with an ergonomically sound design and custom fit that can be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

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D.A.R.T. – Ankle Rehab Device

DART stands apart from other products in this category because it provides accurate angles of resistance, stabilizes the lower extremity to reduce overcompensation by other muscles, positions patients more comfortably and is designed for easy use both in the clinic or at home.

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Baywin Valve

The Baywin Valve maintains a closed ventilator circuit to accommodate deep suctioning, medical procedures, lung measurement studies and manual ventilation without the need to open the circuit.

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Conformal Thermal Pack

The Conformal Thermal Pack that combines a proprietary shape and fill chemistry to deliver optimal therapeutic temperature for the appropriate amount of time.

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Plastic Surgeon Tray 03-16

Sharp Shell

Dr. Alcouloumre started work with two colleagues to create a sharps management solution designed to reduce the risk of injury from syringes, scalpels and suture needles at the point of care.

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Look Better Than You Feel Camisole

The Look Better Than You Feel post-surgical camisole is a stylish, comfortable, and incredibly functional garment for breast cancer patients & survivors. It’s flexible, functional and fashionable.

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Error Recovery and Mitigation Aide

Error Recovery and Mitigation Aide (ERMA)

The Error Recovery and Mitigation Aide (ERMA) provides a simple and efficient way to implement the best practice, while maintaining a safe and clean environment.

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Lonnie Brace 4

The Lonnie Brace

The Lonnie Brace is an elbow (ulnar) brace that has been designed to cushion the elbow, decompress the ulnar nerve to speed recovery, treat tendinitis and prevent further injury.

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