Highlights from Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit

The Innovation Institute and Innovation Lab partner RedCrow participated in the 2018 Cleveland Clinic Medical Innovation Summit as collaborators and as musical guests. Larry Stofko from The Innovation Institute and Jerry Harrison and Aishlin Harrison from RedCrow entertained Summit participants at the House of Blues, along with The Side Deal band. Other highlights from the summit include Cleveland Clinics announcement of the top 10 medical innovations for 2019.

(L-R) Larry Stofko, The Innovation Institute; Joel Owen, The Side Deal; Ann Taylor, RedCrow; Charlie Colin, The Side Deal; Stephen Shaya, J&B Medical Supply; Susan Bernat, Cleveland Clinic: Brian Smith, RedCrow; Scott Owen, The Side Deal; Jerry Harrison, RedCrow; Stan Frazier, The Side Deal; and Aishlin Harrison, RedCrow.