Healthcare IT News | Google, Oracle and Others Make Precision Medicine Moves at HIMSS18

Precision medicine is a hot topic at HIMSS18, and late in the week, multiple companies were making news in this field that many experts say is key to advancing the future of healthcare.

At HIMSS18, 2bPrecise and The Innovation Institute announced that they entered into an agreement that lays the foundation for 2bPrecise to deliver a pharmacogenomics knowledge base to the point of care for The Innovation Institute’s network of member providers, as well as others beyond the network.

The Innovation Institute is comprised of six member-owner health systems, one of which, Avera Health, developed GeneFolio, a drug-drug-gene test and knowledge base that incorporates pharmacist-based expertise into every test result. The agreement with 2bPrecise, which offers a precision medicine platform, is intended to enable GeneFolio to be accessed within the provider workflow across all Innovation Institute health systems, as well as others.

While GeneFolio, which was launched within Avera in the summer of 2017, doesn’t tell providers what to prescribe, it gives them an additional tool to hone in and prescribe the most effective medications, which can mean fewer side effects, faster recovery and lower costs.

The 2bPrecise platform enables the results achieved through GeneFolio to be harmonized and delivered to clinicians in an actionable format – not only within the Avera Health system, located across a multi-state region in the Midwest, but across The Innovation Institute’s network, which includes five other prominent health systems representing 125 hospitals in 20 states, 2bPrecise explained.

“Together we can enable physicians to take these insights, and order the medications or therapies most likely to be effective with each individual patient,” said Larry Stofko, executive vice president of The Innovation Institute. “This means improved patient outcomes and a decrease in the overall cost of care.” More…