LRVHealth – Growth Fund

Building solutions that improve people’s lives

What is the opportunity?

LRVHealth is an early-stage digital health, medical device and diagnostic venture platform.  The Fund is a $100 million venture capital Fund and is the fourth fund of LRV.  The Innovation Institute participates as a "Co-General Partner" to the Fund as well as a limited partner.

How does LRVHealth work with the Lab?

The Innovation Institute operates the Innovation Lab which is an incubator that takes new products and ideas to market through commercialization.  The Lab, or incubator, is the "inside-out" model. The Lab taps into the workforce to find ideas to transform healthcare and incubates these solutions from frontline workers to market through commercialization.

While the Lab is the inside-out model, the LRVHealth Fund is the "outside-in" model.  The LRVHealth Fund finds solutions to problems in the market and brings these solutions back to our Member Systems and other partners by investing in these early-stage companies.  Both the Lab and LRVHealth Fund collaborate on diligence by tapping into the collective network of subject matter experts from across our collaborative of health systems, universities, scientists, and business leaders.

The Lab and the Fund work synergistically to amplify and achieve outstanding returns for investors!