Health News Digest | Why Injuries to the Ulnar Nerve at the Elbow are Not Easily Healed By Surgery or Medication

As an athlete, most don’t have time to wait for the injury to heal properly so they take desperate measures like medications that can be addicting or surgeries that are invasive and are not guaranteed to work. Dr. Martino said that while trying to heal, it wasn’t easy because when he slept or sat at a desk his elbows always came into contact with the bed or armrest, causing pain and inhibiting the nerves from properly healing.

As a result, Dr. Martino created his own brace specifically contoured, comfortable, and easy to use, to help heal his injuries. Now, whenever his elbow hurts or if he is having numbness in the hand, he wears the brace at night and at work to treat the symptoms. He has found that the brace is also very good for treating tendinitis at the elbow and other injuries plaguing the elbow area.

Through research, trial and error, Dr. Martino found that an ideal brace to wear will be designed to:
– Cushion the elbow area;
– Isolate point of injury from contact with brace and/or other surfaces;
– Displace pressure/friction away from the ulnar nerve;
– Give the point of injury a chance to heal, decompress and prevent further injuries from occurring;
– Be comfortable and easy to use.

He says that best time to wear a protective brace is at bedtime because it will maximize the time in which the brace can work. “By decompressing the injured area and nerve, the brace will allow the body to heal the area and nerve without unwanted compressive injury,” said Dr. Martino. It can also be effective while sitting at a desk whether at work or at class. It can be worn driving either as a passenger or driver too and while flying as a passenger or pilot.

In conclusion, people in a debilitated state, whether they are in a wheelchair or bed, can use the brace to prevent or treat ulnar and surrounding area injuries.

Dr. Martino worked in collaboration with the Innovation Lab in Newport Beach, Calif. to design a brace that meets and exceeds the criteria listed above. Here’s his video story. It is called the Lonnie Brace and it’s available on Amazon for only $64.95. More…
Lonnie Brace