Health IT Outcomes | The Innovation Institute Shares Models for Innovation at SoCal HIMSS IT Conference

The Innovation Institute

On March 4, at the Southern California Chapter of HIMSS (SoCal HIMSS) IT Conference at the California Endowment Center in Los Angeles, Calif., Larry Stofko, executive vice president of The Innovation Institute, moderated a panel to discuss which models for innovation are most effective. Ryan Kelly, PhD, senior commercialization officer, Cleveland Clinic Innovations, an alliance partner of The Innovation Institute, participate in the panel along with Casie Kellly, PhD, senior licensing officer, Life Sciences, UC, Irvine; Bran Heise, senior managing director, Summation Health Ventures; and Katherine Steinberg, director of programs, Institute for Innovation in Health. SoCal HIMS is part of the largest health care information systems professional organization in the nation.  More…

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