FutureSense’s Dan Walter Appointed as Inaugural “Fellow of Global Equity” By Global Equity Organization

Dan Walter, FutureSense, is the recipient of the Global Equity Organization’s (GEO) Fellowship designation. This honor is bestowed upon distinguished senior-level members of the global equity and executive compensation industry who demonstrate leadership, integrity, involvement, and contributions to the global equity profession.

Dan Walter

LA PALMA, CALIF — FutureSense, LLC, is pleased to announce Dan Walter, Managing Consultant, has been appointed as an inaugural Fellow of Global Equity (FGE) by the Global Equity Organization (GEO). According to the GEO, those appointed as FGEs have shown thought leadership and a high level of commitment to improve global employee share ownership, as well as the broader profession, throughout their careers.

Walter has provided solutions for equity, incentive, and performance-based compensation for more than two decades and is considered one of the compensation industry’s “go-to” experts on the topic of equity compensation. He has extensive experience with executive and broad-based programs and is well-known for his expertise regarding the design and management of performance shares and units.

Walter also founded Equity Compensation Experts. He is a member and former board member for the National Center for Employee Ownership and an award-winning member of the National Association of Stock Plan Professionals. In addition to GEO, Walter is an active member of WorldatWork and the Society of Certified Equity Professionals.

“This is a great honor for Dan and a testimony to his career-long dedication to this important and complex area of practice in global equity and executive compensation,” said Jim Finkelstein, President and CEO of FutureSense, LLC.

About Dan Walter 
Dan is a managing consultant at FutureSense. He has worked in the field of compensation since 1994. Dan was previously the founder of Performensation. His expertise includes equity compensation, performance-based pay, executive compensation, and talent management issues. He has also been the architect of software solutions and administrative and technological best practices used by many companies. Dan has coauthored several books on compensation and is a popular blogger on the topic. He also does dozens of presentations every year.

About FutureSense 
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