FutureSense Announces Third Thought Leader Lab at Innovation Lab in Newport Beach

Ayelet Baron to Speak on Innovation in the Workplace and

 What it Means to Be a 21st Century Leader

FutureSenseFinalFutureSense, Inc., an Innovation Institute company, is pleased to announce its third Thought Leader Lab, which will be held at the Institute’s Innovation Lab on December 1 from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. Ayelet Baron, author, speaker, and futurist will share her knowledge on Innovation in the Workplace and What it Means to Be a 21st Century Leader.

In an article for The Huffington Post, Baron explained that 21st century leaders “get their hands dirty” and they “don’t delegate their responsibility for communication, diversity or innovation.” She says they “go into the world and break down walls by bringing communities together.”

President and CEO of FutureSense Jim Finkelstein said, “We are excited to be hosting this event again and we are pleased that our friend Ayelet Baron will be joining us as our guest speaker. We can all learn a great deal from her insights on leadership.”

The event is free and open to company leaders. Participants will be given the opportunity to collaborate with other professionals and discuss solutions to current challenges. Please register by going to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/fall-2016-thought-leader-labs-tickets-25656926558.

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