FutureSense and inHealth Strategies Form Partnership

(San Rafael, CA) – Jim Finkelstein, President, CEO and Founder, FutureSense, LLC; and Dr. Stephanie Mills, President, inHealth Strategies, LLC, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership.

“The ability to partner with cutting-edge innovation to assist our clients and our team in navigating this new normal is crucial,” said Finkelstein. “We need to be agile and listen to our clients. By forming this strategic partnership, we have the ability to support our clients even more.”

FutureSense uses technology supporting the safe return to work initiatives to combat the COVID-19 crisis. inHealth Strategies has created an application with embedded algorithms based on CDC guidelines, which will help effectively identify individuals who may have been exposed to or contracted COVID-19 to support safe and healthy work environments.

Dr. Mills explains, “FutureSense offers the services and solutions such as compensation and rewards, change management, and human resources operations that we look forward to supporting. By offering an innovative return to work technology, we help ensure the health and safety of our workplaces and communities.” She added, “In discovering this relationship, we will continue to explore initiatives for our clients’ greater good.”

Finkelstein shared that both inHealth Strategies and FutureSense have built businesses under the premise of helping colleagues and clients focus on innovation, cost containment, and risk mitigation. “We both have clients who want access to well-vetted services and solutions. Through this partnership, both organizations can add and contribute to our missions, visions, and values, along with the strategic initiatives and growth opportunities for our clients,” said Finkelstein.

Both inHealth Strategies and FutureSense are a part of The Innovation Institute portfolio of service companies that make up their Enterprise Development Group (EDG). EDGs are health care service companies that deliver essential products and services to health care providers. The profits from the EDGs help underwrite the Innovation Lab and provide an ROI for  “Member Owner” health systems of the Innovation Institute.

About FutureSense

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FutureSense, LLC provides integrated solutions to build and sustain human capacity and optimize organizational performance. FutureSense specializes in people, organization, and strategy, offering unique and comprehensive services to create solutions that make a difference. FutureSense is a portfolio company of The Innovation Institute (lab.ii4change.com), an independent, for-profit LLC structured to cultivate innovative solutions to transform health care delivery. Comprised of three distinct elements – an innovation lab, an investment fund and a shared services group (Enterprise Development Group), The Institute strives to “do more, with less, for more people.” www.futuresense.com or contact Jim Finkelstein, 415-299-4456. 

About inHealth

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inHealth Strategies, LLC is a leader in the emerging value-based health care industry, offering evaluation and planning for population health solutions, customized wellbeing technology and services, and innovative care models for employers, communities, and health systems. www.inhealth4change.com or contact Jeff Soileau, jeff.soileau@inhealth4change.com.


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