Creating a Better, Faster Ankle Rehabilitation Device

Scott Rogoff 2016Late in 2012, Scott Rogoff, a Doctor of Physical Therapy at St. Joseph Health’s St. Jude Medical Center, formulated a medical device that he felt could more effectively and conveniently help patients rehabilitate ankle injuries. He says he conceived of the idea after observing many of his patients struggle with performing specific strengthening techniques, resulting in slow or ineffective recovery.

In March 2013, while talking with St. Jude’s President and CEO Lee Penrose at an awards event, he asked if he knew where he could take his idea. That’s when Scott was directed to The Innovation Institute.

“With the help of the team at The Innovation Institute, I was able to develop the DART (Dynamic Ankle Rehabilitation Trainer), a device that is shaping up to be an effective and convenient strengthening tool, according to our early biofeedback studies,” said Rogoff.

In addition to ankle rehabilitation, Rogoff treats foot, knee, hip, spine, shoulder and elbow injuries. He says he particularly enjoys taking care of athletes. As an athlete himself, he had recurring ankle injuries and recalls having trouble finding quality rehabilitation. He says he feels that he finally has an opportunity to do something about it.

Prototypes of the DART have been developed. Next steps for 2016 are clinical feedback and initiation of a proof-of-concept study. After this, the Innovation Lab will approach manufacturers and distributors. Here are some video highlights of Scott talking about how his idea became a reality.