CIO | Medical Professionals Provide Improved Patient Care Through Artificial Intelligence


By Larry Stofko | Today, we are seeing the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare as it helps us integrate disparate data types to answer complex questions that were previously unknown. According to the recent PwC Health Research Institute’s annual report, emerging technologies, including AI, are being deployed in healthcare and have great potential to disrupt in 2017.

This is exciting news! But the report stresses that healthcare organizations must coordinate and collaborate across the digital health ecosystem with human beings at the forefront to ensure that this new, rich intelligence is managed, protected and properly applied to patient care.

The algorithms being created are helping us answer medical questions across large volumes of data and diverse data elements, revealing connections that may not have ever been realized by humans because we do not have the capability to process large data sets and keep up with the new information that is coming at us every moment of our day. More…