Catholic Health World | Innovation Hubs Inspire, Nurture Inventions and Fresh Approaches


Fresh solutions in health care require fresh perspectives. To that end, several ministry members have developed innovation hubs — spaces outside the hospital designed to be more conducive to creativity, collaboration and risk-taking.

While each space has the requisite whiteboards to map and edit ideas, and two have idea spaces called “The Garage” in homage to the humble work space where the Apple computer was invented, their approaches to innovation and collaboration vary.

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Larry Stofko, executive vice president of the Innovation Institute in Newport Beach, Calif., talks to Dr. Connie Bartlett, a pediatrician, about her idea for a medical device that helps alleviate pain and fear for children in a clinical setting. Bartlett is president of the St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group, part of St. Joseph Health system.

The Innovation Institute in Newport Beach, Calif., was started by St. Joseph Health in January 2013 and counts three other CHA members among its five “member owner” health systems. Physicians, nurses and other member health system staff contribute ideas for medical devices and patient care services. The institute’s industrial, technology and academic partners are involved in evaluating and developing ideas. More…