Westfair | Xerox Joins Innovation Lab to Explore Health Tech

Pioneers of Technology Platforms to Help Innovation Lab Galvanize Breakthroughs in Health Care

Norwalk-based Xerox Corp. and its PARC subsidiary have joined in a partnership with Innovation Lab, an Innovation Institute company, to collaborate on exploring medical technology, engineering and robotics solutions to improve the quality of health care.

The Innovation Institute, of La Palma, California, works with physicians and health care industry partners on new products, ideas and concepts that can be commercialized through the Innovation Lab in Newport Beach. PARC focuses on developing custom research and development services, technology, best practices and intellectual property to the private sector and government agencies.

“The idea behind the partnership is to bring together an organization well versed in advanced technology, such as printed electronics, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and combine it with a group that works with physicians, employees, and industry partners,” said Steve Hoover, chief technology officer at Xerox. “Together we will develop new products, ideas, and concepts that can be commercialized to reduce costs and transform health care delivery.”   More…

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