American Medical Imaging Taps Jim Spearman as President & CEO

Jim Spearman, AMI President & CEO

La Palma, CA – Upon the announcement of Steve Cannon’s retirement as President & CEO of AMI, we engaged in a careful search for the right successor, a leader with the vision and experience to guide our organization to new successes, both regionally and nationally. It is with great pleasure that we announce that Jim Spearman has joined AMI as President & CEO!

Spearman is a seasoned leader in diagnostic imaging, with decades of experience in operations, leadership, quality, corporate governance, M&A, and commercial growth. His career in Imaging began after a decade in the industrial chemicals and coatings industries when he started at GE Healthcare in 2001. In 2012 he joined private equity backed Unisyn Medical Technologies prior to an asset sale of its ultrasound probe division to GE Healthcare in 2013. He then rebranded and relocated Unisyn’s service division from Denver to Chicago under the new name Consensys Imaging Service. Jim served as Consensys’ President & CEO until its acquisition by Merry X-Ray in 2017. After several years in the Biopharma space, we are pleased to welcome him back to diagnostic imaging.

“We are excited to have Jim lead AMI into its next phase of growth after having acquired seven businesses between 2020 and 2021 to form AMI”, said Joe Randolph – President & CEO of The Innovation Institute, LLC, the Parent Company of AMI. “With core competence in integrations post-close, we look forward to Jim’s leadership in not only smoothing-out all current internal initiatives but also in accelerating a host of other improvements and growth initiatives.”

“It’s truly an honor to return to an industry with significant growth opportunity, while also creating long-term value for customers in need,” said Spearman. “Industry consolidation has left the door wide-open for AMI’s vast new & used imaging equipment, PACS, field service, and accessories offerings, along with value-added imaging solutions of all kinds, including equipment relocations and upgrades.”

About The Innovation Institute:

The Institute is a for-profit limited liability company, with several portfolio companies, revenues exceeding $300 million, and over 700 employees.  The Innovation Institute has experienced significant growth since its inception in 2013 and has a unique business model that funds the Innovation Lab and provides a return for investors. The strategic purpose of the Institute is to focus on innovation and growth.  This is accomplished through commercialization of ideas and new products. The Institute is owned today by six non-profit health systems who are the “Member Owners.”

About American Medical Imaging:

Established in 2020, AMI was created to drive innovation in healthcare and bring better service to clients nationwide. Seeing a gap in the industry, the leaders of AMI combined the strength and expertise of our regional Centers of Excellence to build a solution that is unmatched in the market. No one can deliver the level of experience, depth and breadth of expertise and diversity of products and services like AMI.