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Welcome, innovators. We have a lot in common. And we share a common purpose. Like you, we are motivated by the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in healthcare and positively impact people’s lives. Right now and in the future.

There is no cost to share your idea. For ideas that qualify to begin our rigorous review, Innovation Lab takes on all costs and manages the entire process to advance your idea to market, from evaluation to protection to commercialization. Once market realization is achieved, together you and Innovation Lab will share the proceeds—and the accolades are all yours.

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Our rigorous process is focused on rapid critical-path development

Our goal is to validate your solution and get it into the right hands. So it can realize its potential to change healthcare—and change lives.


Celebrating our innovators


Get inspired by the outcomes of our incredible innovators and their diverse game-changing solutions that are already transforming healthcare and making a difference around the globe.




Dr. Mark Elzik, hand and wrist orthopedic surgeon, Providence St. Joseph’s Mission Hospital, Mission Viejo, CA

Imagination Wagon

Imagination Wagon


Melissa Anderson, Director of Community Relations and Business Development, and
Sharon Wesberry, Manager of Child Life, Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital, Baton Rouge, LA




Dr. Michelle Thai, Co-Medical Director of Rehabilitation, and Skilled Nursing Facility Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Consultant

Johnathan Thai, Grad student and son of Dr. Thai​

Dan Bailey, Regional Director of Skilled Nursing Facility Services

St. Jude Medical Center & St. Joseph Heritage Health System, Fullerton, CA

Our ecosystem

At the Innovation lab are proud to work with like-minded academic, industry, licensing and venture partners who share our goal to discover innovations, disrupt healthcare, and revolutionize patient care.

we are

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Who we are

We celebrate the power of possibility.

The future is here. Innovation Lab, we are creating the future of healthcare today. We cultivate and discover new solutions to transform healthcare, collaborating with healthcare leaders and staff, researchers, practitioners, inventors—everyone with an idea. We’re proud to catalyze a lasting, sustainable culture of innovation that can be brought to scale, leading to the evolution of commercially marketable products and processes that are revolutionizing patient care. Right now.

To cultivate innovative solutions in collaboration with others, transforming healthcare by doing more, with less, for more people.

To transform healthcare by activating innovators, igniting possibility and changing lives.

Innovation Lab is the future-forward innovation engine of The Innovation Institute, a healthcare incubator and network focused on transforming healthcare delivery to change people’s lives and improve the long-term health of our communities.

At its core, Innovation Lab is a conduit for next-generation ideas. And a place to champion disruption. We bring together the best and brightest — thinkers, dreamers, doers, and fighters — to explore obstacles and opportunity alike. Together we create transformative change to improve care and help people live better, healthier, longer lives. The future is here.

The Innovation Lab provides services to the following health systems:

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The future is here. Our vibe is modern distinctive. Our design aesthetic, decidedly different. Our space is a reflection of who we are: bright, energetic, collaborative, boldly surprisingly—and always moving forward.

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